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” Alice in Wonderland ” – Halloween mini session 2013

Halloween is coming next week and  I had the honor to shoot this Halloween mini session based on the “Alice in Wonderland” book. “Alice” & the twins “Tweedle Dee ” and ” Tweedle Dum” were just perfect.  I just loved to work with them. “Alice” was so sweet and perfect on the role and the twins smiling all the time . Enjoy!! © Andrea Geldres Photography 2013 AV_Halloween_043 AV_Halloween_042 AV_Halloween_040 ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_036 AV_Halloween_038ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_035 AV_Halloween_033ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_032 AV_Halloween_030 AV_Halloween_029ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_026 AV_Halloween_025ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_021 AV_Halloween_022ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_019 AV_Halloween_020 AV_Halloween_018ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_015 AV_Halloween_014 AV_Halloween_013 AV_Halloween_011ANDREA GELDRES 2 AV_Halloween_09 AV_Halloween_03

Posted by andreageldres on October 23, 2013

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